We're looking for the Next Discovery Star

Are You the Next Discovery Star?

Do you ever watch Discovery and think that should be you? Or, has anyone ever said that you should have your own TV show? Well, this is your chance to pitch yourself directly to Discovery's casting department. Tell us why you, your friends or family should have your own show!


Please read this entire page so that you have all the necessary information to ensure your application is submitted successfully.


Applicants must be 21 years of age as of December 31, 2014 and a legal resident of the United States. Applicants for Naked and Afraid only must be 21 years of age as of December 31, 2014 and may be residents of any country. Applicants must not be a candidate for public office and must agree not to become one until after (1) year after the initial exhibition of the episode of the program in which you appear, if selected as a participant.


Click on the "apply" button on the left side of this screen to begin the online application process. PLEASE NOTE: You must read the information provided below prior to commencing the application to ensure your application is submitted succesfully.


At the end of the application process you will click submit. Immediately following that you will be prompted to upload photos to your application. We recommend saving at least two photos to your desk top prior to beginning the application so they are readily available when requested. We ask that you upload a close up ( shoulders up ) and a full length shot.


If you wish to print a copy of the application, you will be given this opportunity only once at the end of the process. The instructions for printing will be on your screen. Simply click the "pitch" button and your completed application will appear for printing.